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Be wary of the health hype

Karen Vago

Vegan. Vegetarian. Alkaline. Paleo. Raw. Juicing. Green smoothies.

The list of hip ways to eat has expanded as rapidly as the followers of food gurus on Facebook. 

Every week it seems we're bombarded with a new super food, a new way to lose '7 pounds in 7 days', a new cleanse, a new smoothie recipe, a new way to be part of the cool-food crowd, or to ensure your body conforms to our culture's exacting standards of beauty.

I'm so utterly tired of seeing this hype, every single day on Facebook and in the mainstream media. 

And I'm angry with it. 

I have been a nutritionist for over 25 years, with a mix of clinical experience and working with clients over the phone.

I've had four books published (in French), and I have clocked up thousands of hours of helping people create lasting, lifelong health and energy. 

And the one thing I have learned from my decades of experience, is that one size does not fit all! 


This can actually be a dangerous approach to nutrition, and does not support people in creating lifelong health.

True freedom and empowerment with your body doesn't come from conforming to what that skinny woman or six-packed man is telling you to eat. 

It can only be found through honouring your physiology as completely unique, and knowing exactly what your body needs. 


  • What works for one person, may not work for the next...

Some bodies thrive best on hard exercise, others on gentle movement. Some bodies need good amounts of meat and fish, others much less. Different bodies need different levels of sleep and downtime. 


  • What may be food medicine for one body, may be toxic for another...

Did you know coconut can actually be damaging for certain body types? And that peanuts can be a superfood for others? That some bodies can't process seemingly healthy foods like melon or strawberries, whilst others can? 


So without this precise knowledge, anything else is guesswork.

You end up jumping from bandwagon to bandwagon, trying to find the magic bullet that will help you get slim and look as good as the people on the front of the raw food books. 

What concerns me is that many of these one-size-fits-all eating 'regimes' can actually be damaging to people's health. 


I'm a Genotype nutritionist, meaning I work with the body at a genetic level, first ascertaining how my client's body is able to function, and how it processes different foods, especially proteins. 

I take people through a few simple, yet cutting-edge tests to discover their precise blood and genetic type, then we are equipped with the knowledge we need to tailor a unique plan with recipes and supplements that are absolutely perfect and safe for them. 

And I don't mean just losing weight - which does happen to be one of the most common and easy effects of this approach. 

When I work with clients, we take everything back down to basics, and build their body's health back up from the core

Adrenals, digestion, hormones, lymphatic system, nervous system...the complete picture. 


We're changing their potential for incredible health at the genetic level, even altering their physical destiny. 

  • They no longer have to be imprisoned by health conditions they may otherwise have inherited from their parents, and they don't have to live in fear of ageing or ill health any more. 


  • They can look in the mirror and see glowing skin, sparkling eyes and a bigger smile beaming back at them. 


  • They can wake up in the morning feeling fabulous, and continue that way through the day, without needing naps, caffeine fixes or headache pills. 


  • They can fall back in love with their body, and fall in love with life - because they have the optimal health, energy and confidence to live their dreams and fulfil their any age

So when I see the health gurus waxing lyrical about coconut or green juicing as if it is the answer to everyone's health, it makes me so frustrated.

Everyone is different, and we must start understanding our own bodies, and not giving our power away to any author, media celebrity or doctor.  

I know many people are not getting the deep or lasting results that they deserve, because of the seductive nature of the health hype.


I believe those of us in the health and nutrition industry have a powerful responsibility to our clients.

We should not be proud of creating quick fixes that keep people's egos happy with instant (ie short-term) results, whilst one year later that weight-loss-miracle client has piled the pounds back on. 

If we are really doing what works, and doing a good job, our clients should be empowered with permanent great health that changes their life on every level. 

That is my sincere aim, it is why I have spent the last 25 years perfecting my expertise in doing this, and it is what I see happening in my clients' results. 


So if you're a woman over 45 and...

  • You're tired of being bombarded by the health hype, or you just can't find a way to feel truly healthy, happy and confident.
  • You know so much more could be possible for you if you had outstanding energy and felt fabulous.

  • You're committed to find a way to live from true Joie de Vivre and really start enjoying your life and being you.


Then please get in touch, and we'll set up a time to have a sincere conversation about your current health, weight and energy levels, and what else could be possible for you.

I believe you'll find me to be a safe-haven from the health hype. 

And if it feels like a fit for us to work together, then we will find what works best for your body, and empower you to look and feel your most fabulous.

For life. 

I look forward to speaking with you soon!