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Discover your Joie De Vivre


Success begins in your body


You know you could take your business or career to greater heights if you had boundless energy, a clear head, radiant health, and felt confident in your body.

  • You could finally do the things you dream of, whether it's hosting retreats, writing your book, starting a non-profit, making a lot more money, or travelling the world. 

  • You would feel confident being seen, instead of shrinking from cameras, stages and other opportunities to be visible.

  • You would look forward to serving clients and launching new programs, instead of worrying you'll just burn out again. 

  • By being in your feminine, sensual energy you would be more magnetic to money and clients (and men!).

So if you're a brilliant woman over 45, who wants to look and feel fantastic - slimmer, happier, sexier, younger - with an abundance of energy so you can show up fully and succeed...

Then I'm so glad you're here

I'm Karen Vago

I'm a nutritionist and coach, the genetic eating expert for empowered women who want to look and feel fabulous, so they can enjoy the life and success of their dreams. 

I believe every woman has the right to enjoy her body at any age, to enjoy growing into her prime years, and to create her own physical destiny.

You do not have to believe what they've told you about your body. I'm here to put you back in charge so you can create exceptional success - and have the health, energy and confidence to enjoy your rewards.