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Work with Me


I believe women of any age can have the health and energy to enjoy a life of pleasure, happiness and success.


But in order to achieve that, you have to know what your body needs - what is good and bad for it, what it lacks, what it craves.

It's not enough to follow the latest diet fad or drink green juice, as this may actually be limiting your body.

With my approach, we uncover exactly what you need to be healthy, then create a tailored plan and system of supplements around that.

We'll optimize how your genes are able to function, so you can create and look forward to lifelong health, instead of living in fear of disease. 


Miracles can Happen


Most of my clients have been delighted and astounded by the difference they've felt - even after a short time of working with me.

I often hear them call their transformations 'miraculous', or like a 'renaissance in my body'. 

This is because I first take you through a well researched system of blood and genetic typing tests, so we can ascertain your precise body type at different levels.

That enables us to work on a far deeper level than the quick-fix diets do, which take a misleading and often damaging 'one-size-fits-all' approach. 

I treat you, your body and your entire physiology as unique, and ensure we support your body in precisely the way it needs. I consider myself to be a safe haven from the health hype, where you can get science-based support, backed up by over two decades of training, wisdom and experience. And my French passion for Joie de Vivre


We work from the inside-out


I help you to renew and restore your health at a core level, so you can enjoy a lifetime of great energy, as well as:

  • Looking and feeling years younger

  • Weight melting off without depriving yourself

  • Skin becoming plumper and more youthful

  • High levels of energy throughout the day

  • Balanced moods and more positive emotions

  • Increased confidence in how you look and feel

  • A healthy digestive system with no gas or bloating

  • Elimination of headaches, migraines, IBS etc 

  • An easier journey through menopause, or easier periods

  • Increased libido and the ability to feel more pleasure

  • Falling back in love with yourself and your body!

  • Being supported by healthy bones, muscles and joints well into your 90s and beyond


What else could be possible if you enjoyed amazing energy and felt fabulous?

  • What difference would it make to wake up feeling energized and excited, to get through the day without needing to nap, and to enjoy restful nights of sleep?


  • How much more could you achieve in your business or career if you had a clear, sharp mind throughout the day, rather than brain fog and energy slumps? 


  • How much more money could you make if your brain was full of inspiring ideas and you had the energy to follow through and implement them?


  • What would you go out and do if you looked in the mirror and loved what you saw? What opportunities and how many more invitations would you say 'yes' to? 


  • How different would your marriage, partnership or other relationships be if you felt calm, happy, relaxed, confident and were enjoying your life? 


Can you give yourself permission to feel that good?

Do you believe you deserve to (and can) look that fabulous? 

Are you willing to empower yourself with exceptional health? 

If you're a yes, I believe I can help...


Your next step is to apply for a sincere, no-pressure conversation with me, so we can discuss where your health, mood, confidence and energy levels are now, and what else might be possible when you feel full of joie de vivre, and are ready to live your best life. 


We'll see if it's a fit for us to work together, and whether I feel you can genuinely benefit from my services and are committed enough to change.


I will share details of my private program, and how we might best support your transformation when we speak.