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For Health Enthousiasts Who Are Fed Up With the Hype Around Diets That Don’t Work and Can Also Cause You Harm

Imagine having your personal nutrition manual in your hands based on who you are and NOT on statistics of other people. A 50 page diet plan, based on YOUR genetic, biological, physiological and hereditary information.

Imagine being guided to write YOUR unique book at the leading edge of nutrition unlike any thing else out there. It puts an end to one size fits all diets that are supposed to suit everyone.

It also puts an end to all the vague information that says each of us needs a different diet (that’s a good point) without saying what it is (that’s the tricky point) ! More and more nutritional therapists are talking about personalizing nutrition, but without giving clear directions on who should eat what and just concluding that we have to figure it out on our own.

Well guess what? You don’t have to figure it out on your own because it has already been figured out.

Your diet book exists and it’s called your SWAMI GenoType. Created by Doctor Peter D’Adamo, the concept is rooted in rigorous scientific analysis, the science of epigenetics, his profound knowledge of genetics and the human body and the immense performance of computers. The software integrates a lot of information about you (that you provide) and gives you your very own personalized nutrition report.

A revolution in nutrition is taking place and you can benefit from it starting TODAY!

With my program IMPULSION, I hold you by the hand to write your own SWAMI GenoType that enables you to influence most of your genes so they encourage health and silence the genes that promote illness.

What are the benefits of personalized nutrition?

With this personalized nutrition plan created for your individual needs:

  • Your energy increases and all of a sudden you realize you’re more active, you fit more creative activity into your day and friends and family begin noticing a difference and say: “What have you done?”

  • You eat the foods that your body easily digests and metabolizes. Toxins and waste products don’t accumulate to clutter your cells and disrupt the expression of your genes

  • Your metabolism gets activated and you lose weight. You also begin seeing muscle definition when you eat the foods that are right for you. With age, stress and the wrong diet, your metabolism slows down and your muscles shrink, two ideal conditions to lose your strength and put on weight. Not something you want, right?

  • Your immune system becomes stronger: allergies decrease and your defense against microbes goes up.

  • Digestion is a breeze, you absorb your nutrients better and your gut lining repairs itself when your food choices are right for you.

One of the biggest advantages of having your SWAMI GenoType is finally freeing your mind from all the confusion that exists around nutrition. You won’t ever have to wonder what you should be eating again. Your SWAMI GenoType takes into account your biological and genetic individuality to give you all the information you need to take control of your health, your longevity and your LIFE, because, as one of my clients said “Its life changing”!

SWAMI GenoType: A practical and highly personalized guide

With the SWAMI GenoType, nutrition has taken a big leap to a level it has never reached before. It gives a very practical dimension to epigenetics that everyone is talking about.

That’s why SWAMI can give you such a degree of nutritional personalization. 

The SWAMI GenoType software integrates information given by your genetic markers such as your blood type, your secretor status, some simple body measurements (that give valuable information on your health risks and your genetic constitution), your health history (your’s and your family’s).

The manual you receive is easy to read and full of practical easy to understand information. It includes :

  1. Personalized food and lifestyle recommendations targeted to your personal genotype (forget one size fits all diets that are supposed to suit everyone).

  2. Food lists that are right for you.

  3. A detailed description of your GenoType to understand who you are and how your physiology works in light of your genetics.

  4. Recipes and a menu planner.

  5. What a healthy plate for YOU looks like.

  6. How your unique digestive and immune systems work.

  7. How to combine your food to multiply their effect on your genes (we are in the era of epigenetics and we now know that the majority of our genes can be influenced by our environment, the most important element being our food).

This tailored-made nutrition manual is based on you and your unique metabolism. That’s what gives it it’s power, in comparison to other diets that give general advice on healthy eating based on statistics. You are not a statistic you are unique.

This program is for your if…

  • You want more energy to thrive in your business, your career, you personal life.

  • You have recently burned out and want to eat right to shorten your recovery time.

  • You finally want to know which foods are going to raise your energy and support your health for a lifetime while acting on your genes to optimize their expression.

  • You want to live a long life and maximize your chances of remaining in full possession of your physical, cognitive and emotional well being.

  • You’ve tried all sorts of ways to eat (paleo, keto, Mediterranean, vegetarian, vegan, 100% raw, and even fasting) with tiny results.

  • You’ve done food intolerance tests that made you even more confused

  • You have a burning desire to find the food that’s right for you and refuse to try yet another diet.

IMPULSION is here to support you.

What’s the point of having my SWAMI GenoType?

The work behind this highly precise manual is enormous, integrating deep knowledge of the human body linked to your genetics as well as the rigorous precision enabled by computer programming.

You’ll have in your hands an actual book that you will keep for a lifetime because it is your personal book.

The basis of every personal health program is eating the foods that precisely respect your individuality. Without that you are sailing in a sea of possibilities asking yourself if what you eat is really right for you. And what is right for you is not necessarily what your mind chooses.

“An individualized approach of the patient is the key to releasing the many latent healing powers in the human body.”

Doctor Peter J. D’Adamo

This eating plan that fits you like a glove, is designed to make your genes work in your favor, to promote health, longevity and energy.

With your SWAMI GenoType your genes are nourished so they can express themselves in a healthy way. Epigenetics is a new science that brought light to the fact that our genes don’t determine our health; they are not our destiny. 75% of our genes are influenced by the environment in which they evolve and the food you eat is perhaps the most important factor.

With your SWAMI GenoType, you get the answers to the following question “Who am I?” in a detailed description of your genetic profile to help you avoid certain health issues characteristic of your genotype.

How does it work?

With my program IMPULSION, I am your guide to set up your SWAMI GenoType, your definitive eating plan that you can follow for life. Here’s how it works :

1.     You receive a first email with all the instructions you need to gather the information to set up your SWAMI.

2.     Between this first email and your first consultation you send off your Secretor Test Kit to the lab in the US (unless you already know your secretor status) and assemble all the information required in the GenoType Kit. Send it all to me so I can check  we have all the data we need to run the SWAMI software.

3.     You then have your consultation with me to set up your SWAMI and with a last click out comes your personal nutrition manual !

4.     You have unlimited  access to me via email as soon as you purchase IMPULSION and untill one week after your consultation to clarify any points and ask questions that may come up.

What you will need to gather the information required to run the SWAMI software:

Worry not. It’s really simple.

There are some elements of information that you need to gather and that rely on 2 tests and one kit.

Know your blood type

Most of you already know your blood type. If you don’t you can buy a Blood Typing Kit in my online shop (see below) at 15% off.  It’s a simple home kit that gives you your blood type within minutes of doing the test. You can buy this if needed after you purchase IMPULSION.

Discover your secretor status

This is the next step in understanding your genetic individuality. Your Secretor Status can be determined through DNA analysis that looks for a specific gene, FUT2. Being a secretor or a non secretor has a big impact on your health and food choices.  That’s why you need to find out your secretor status. You can buy this if needed after you purchase IMPULSION.

Get the Genotyping Kit

You will need the Genotyping Kit to collect valuable information needed for your SWAMI GenoType. It’s also in the online shop . See below how to order with a 15% discount. You can buy this if needed after you purchase IMPULSION.

What the kits will cost you (if you don’t already have them)

You get 15% off each of the kits after you buy IMPULSION. This is just to give you an idea of what it may cost you in addition to IMPULSION:

  • Home Blood-Typing Kit: 12,75€ ( instead of 15€)

  • Genotyping Kit : 19,55 € (instead of 23 €)

  • Secretor Status Collection Kit: 151,30 € (instead of 178 €)

Should you need these kits and tests (some of you already have the information given by them), you will be able to buy them after you purchase IMPULSION.


Until Wednesday October 9, when the offer for this program ends, everyone gets 3 Q&A Group coaching calls, one in October, one in November and one in December. I will support you for in implementing your SWAMI and also answer any personal health questions you may have.

This bonus is very valuable because you are not left alone to add your SWAMI to your new lifestyle and benefit from all it’s treasures. You have my support, encouragement and coaching during 3 question and answer calls.

Get your personalized diet report NOW and find out what to eat to optimize your genes and have a high performing body.


The investment for IMPULSION is 395€.

(Reminder: Kits and tests are not included in the price of the program. You do get a 15 % discount after your purchase if you need them).

Full payment 395€ (save 45€)

2 payments of 220 €


What does SWAMI mean ?

SWAMI is the acronym for Serotyping With Advanced Modifying Inventories.  Serotyping is the process that uses blood types to generate diet recommendations. Advanced Modifying Inventories refers to all the other information  (fingerprint analysis, measurements, etc) that the software program uses to refine your SWAMI GenoType manual.

When does the program begin ?

You start out by getting organized to collect the information we we’ll need as soon as you purchase IMPULSION. If you already know your secretor status and you have the Genotyping Kit, your consultation can be as soon as 14 days from now.

If you don’t know your secretor status, plan for a month to get your results back. In the mean time collect the answers to the questions in your Genotyping kit . Your consultation can be in about a month after you send off your Secretor  Status Collection Kit.

I’m a bit confused and I have the feeling there are a lot of complicated things to do.

Don’t worry. I explain everything in detail in an initial email. The kit instructions are very clear and easy to follow.

You have one test to send off to the USA by registered mail with an acknowledgment of receipt.

I fill in the SWAMI GenoType myself with your participation. You will just need to answer questions and receive your manual as soon as I clicked on the send button.

Then we look at the content of your SWAMI GenoType together, I explain how to use it and in the week after you have unlimited access to me by email to answer all your questions.

Is there a refund policy ?

I have seen so many benefits from the program that I believe you will too.

However, if within 14 days of your purchase you find out the program is not for you, you can request a refund, no questions asked.

How much will it cost me  in addition to the program IMPULSION ?

Nothing, if you already know your blood type, your secretor status and if you already have the Genotyping Kit.

Here are the prices of the kits with your special discount of 15 % (you get your discount code after you purchase IMPULSION.

Blood-Typing Kit : 12,75 € (regular price 15€)
GenoTyping Kit: 19,55 € (regular price 23€)
Secretor Status Collection Kit: 151,30 € (regular price 178€)

How can I contact you if I have any other questions ?

Click here to jump to the contact form.

IMPULSION is the answer to your dreams if:

1. You are passionate about health and nutrition (without being obsessed !). Personalization and precision are concepts that attract you and you are ready to take the leap to give up generalizations forever and embrace the leading edge to discover the foods that are right for you according to your genetics.

2. You haven’t yet found the long term answers for your health, your energy and your weight. You’ve been seeking for a long time and you’ve been getting tiny and short term results.

3. You accept the idea that all foods are not good for everyone. Avoiding gluten and milk products are not the right recommendations for everyone either.

4. You’re not afraid of discipline and are ready to make an effort to discover and experience what your SWAMI GenoType can do for your life… for life.

As soon as you join IMPULSION you will be on your way to get your personal nutrition manual, your SWAMI GenoType, so you can make the best possible choices for your health, your immunity, your weight, your hormonal balance and your vitality.

Food comes first and above all else !


P.S. If you need help to decide, use the form below to ask me your questions.

P.P.S. This is not a group program. I give you my full attention to make your SWAMI the only diet book you’ll ever need to contribute in solving your personal health concerns.

P.P.P.S. Decide today so the change you’ve been dreaming about can happen NOW.

Client stories


“I had spots on my face ever since I was 8 years old.

After trying lots of things to get rid of them (including the classic medications ), I discovered my spots were related to what I ate. However, on my own, I couldn’t figure out which foods were involved.

Fed up with these spots, I decided to take Karen’s IMPULSION program.

Only one month after implementing it fully and with no exceptions to the diet (I am very motivated!) my complexion changed and now I only occasionally get a small spot. Recently someone told me: “What did you do? You look good!

My energy increased, I am less tired. My frequent stomach pains are gone. and my migraines too. I don’t feel any frustration. If I want a little something sweet, I make it with ‘my personal’ ingredients.

I feel so much better without all these symptoms and I take it all as a game. “

Brigitte Magris

Sophrologie et Energétiqueétique-307183610192252


“Before IMPULSION I followed the Blood Type Diet. However I was still very bloated and gassy and wasn’t feeling totally well yet.

With my SWAMI GenoType I was able to refine my diet even more. It suits me better because it’s even more targeted to my needs and metabolism. I followed the number of portions and serving sizes and the other recommendations like doing a physical activity in accordance with my GenoType.

Between my first and second consultation ( only 2 weeks ! ), I lost 2 kilos and my digestive problems disappeared. My legs are fine now. I have less cellulite and water retension.

In this short amount of time my energy started to increase.

The precision of personalized nutrition with the SWAMI GenoType, was the solution for me that made all the difference”.



“After only 2 weeks of including the SWAMI GenoType in my life, I can really feel a difference and this without any physical exercise. I have more energy, feel better and I lost 1,5 kilos.

I am more optimistic, more dynamic and more aware about what is happening in my body. After meals I don’t feel tired any more. I have more mental clarity.

And all this in only 14 days with a small operation in the mean time that slowed me down a bit. I was able to take very few pain killers and recovered very quickly. When I veer off the path of my beneficial foods, I really feel the difference.

This new way of eating is completely to my liking (body and taste wise) and I feel reassured. I was very committed to following the recommendations although I did have some concerns about the organization of it all.

Now I know what suits me best and am finally going to be able to eat the foods that are good for my body!”


Full payment 395€ (save 45€)

2 payments of 220 €

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