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8 Months of Virtual Coaching + Transformation

Over 8 months, we're going to create and work with your own personalized Energy Catalyst plan to bring you back into optimum health, so you can:

- Shine as the CEO of your business

- Make more money (without burning out)

- Have more mental clarity & creativity

- Feel more comfortable being visible

- Seek out bigger opportunities

- Have energy for your family / partner

- Enjoy a more exciting, fabulous life

- Feel free to do what you most love

- Enjoy being in your body and have fun!

Your journey consists of 4 key elements to help bring you back to glowing health and radiance, so you can shine, thrive and succeed in your dream business and life...

We start by determining your genetic type and create a very precise diet and energy plan based on a specific report for your body. We can start adjusting your diet accordingly - and the magic begins.

You may notice a rapid increase in energy, improved skin tone, better digestive health and relief from digestive issues, and feeling much more happy in your body.

And that's just the start...

You are what you absorb, not just what you eat...

If your digestive system is out of balance and functioning below par, so are you.

When it's in top condition, the benefits are manifold...clear skin, sparkling eyes, high energy, feeling happy, calmer, with balanced moods, a slimmer tummy, etc.

If your gut isn't able to absorb the nutrients in your food, your body can't benefit from them.

I'll work closely with you to help get your gut functioning at optimal health again.

In today's toxic world, fasting can do more harm than good.

Depriving your body of food also deprives it of essential nutrients, and can leave you feeling more depleted, exhausted, and putting on weight.

However - toxic cells are tired cells, so I help you follow an everyday detox, to help you get the benefits of looking and feeling great without the challenging symptoms of fasting.

Your adrenal glands are key to having great energy, as well as being slim and healthy.

Any stress you go through affects your adrenals, and until you fully heal and support them, the damage done to them will continue to affect you - whether it happened months or years ago.

We'll pay some loving attention to bringing your adrenal glands - and subsequently your entire hormonal system - back into balance so you can more easily lose (or even put on) weight, feel energized and enjoy your life!

To support the highly-personalized plan we'll create for you, I'll also recommend a number of supplements that are tailored for your type so they will create optimum results for you.

Just as many people waste a lot of money on the wrong type of foods, a lot of people also waste money on supplements that may not be the most effective for their type.

By using these type-specific supplements, you'll be ensuring you're giving your body exactly what it needs to come back into balance and its most radiant health.

Your Gold Package includes a 30-day Starter Kit of Type Specific Supplements

  • What could you create in your business if you had tons more energy, needed less sleep, and your mind felt crystal-clear?

  • How much money are you missing out on now, because you're not functioning on full power and able to give your best?

  • What opportunities would you go for if you felt confident in your body and happy being seen on stage, in videos, and at networking events?

  • How much more would you enjoy your life if you felt light, healthy, energized and full of joy and excitement?

  • What else would be possible for you, your dreams, your business, your life - that right now seems unlikely, difficult or even impossible?


I would love to speak and find out more about you, so we can see if it's a fit for us to work together to restore your radiance, energy, and confidence to shine in your business and life...