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A simple French rule

Karen Vago


There is one powerful way, you can start increasing your energy levels and that is: eat three real meals a day, sit down at the table AND respect meal times.
This is what elegant French women have been doing for decades. It keeps your energy levels steady and gives you those necessary and delicious pauses that are part of a joyful day.
Food is one of the pleasures in life and even more so when what you eat is RIGHT for YOUR body.
Breakfast: What I don’t recommend is to start off your day with coffee and a croissant! Very French indeed and very draining for your energy.
But don’t think we eat croissants every day for breakfast either. After all it is a pâtisserie. And did you know that it is said that they originate from Vienna, Austria?
Have an egg or two, some smoked or marinated wild salmon (or other fish) with a slice of bread made with a type of grain that suits your body. It can be sprouted bread, 100% spelt or rye just to give a few examples.  When you work with me privately we delve into your genetics to determine the grains that best suit your body.
The idea is to eat enough protein with your carbs to have good steady blood sugar levels to begin your day. That gives you a good head start.
Add some tasty grass fed butter or ghee. The darker the yellow colour the more nutrients it has. Here in France you can easily find butter made with raw cream. What makes French butter so delicious is that the cream is cultured before it is churned. It gives it a good full bodied taste with very subtle aromas.
If you have a sensitivity to dairy products, switch over to ghee (clarified butter). The milk solids have been removed and the only thing left is pure, good, healthy and delicious fat that helps you feel full and doesn’t make you put on the pounds.
Raw grass fed butter is full of nutrients including the valuable fat soluble ones: A, D and K2.

Lunch is traditionally the largest meal of the day and that is for a reason. Your digestive system is most efficient to digest a substantial meal at that time.
Also if you take your time to sit down and eat 3 courses: crudités (raw vegetables), fish/meat/poultry, cooked vegetables and perhaps a green salad with a piece of goat’s cheese, you won’t be hungry for a snack soon after. It will take you over till your evening meal, perhaps with a carb/protein balanced “goûter” (snack) around 4 o’clock.  
Part of the reason people snack several times a day, is because they don’t take the time to feed themselves in a way that truly nourishes their body. And the blood sugar roller coaster rules the day.

Dinner is usually lighter than lunch and can be as simple as a vegetable soup with a soft boiled egg or some fish, accompanied by a piece of bread that suits your genetics.
As a nutritionist, I totally agree with this. Eating a large meal late at night can affect your digestion, your sleep and your overall energy level the next day.
It is always best to work with, instead of against, your biological rhythm to optimize your capacity to have lasting high levels of energy.
Each person is different and the one size fits all system of eating, rarely promotes optimum health for the individual. That is why I work with my clients in a way that unlocks their genetic code, to design an energy and health plan that suits their unique body.

Have a fabulous day!